Concrete - Curbs, Gutters & Sidewalks


Concrete is an integral part of the design of buildings, transport infrastructure, and utility structures, including parking lots and driveways. Our concrete services include parking lots, parking bumpers, parking garages, walkways, foundation slabs, catch basins, curbs, gutters, dumpster pads, and walls and ramps.

Structural stone base

Concrete in parking lots and foundational work is quite extensive. What lies below your concrete slab is critical to job success. A soil support system supports a stone base. The subgrade is the native, or improved, soil which is usually compacted. Subbase is a layer of gravel on top of the subgrade. Base, or base course, is the layer of material beneath the slab.

Stone base

Commercial construction commonly uses construction aggregate. Which grade of aggregate depends on your project goals. Goals may include the need for a smooth base, stability, sustainability, or durability. The ground beneath a commercial asphalt parking must support both the driving surface and the vehicles using it so stability will be essential and larger stones may be used as anchors.

Curbing, Gutters & Walks

Most commercial facilities have a fair amount of foot and auto traffic. Curbs, gutters, and walks make an immediate first impression. Nothing says you don’t value your visitors like potholes, cracked sidewalks, fading paint lines on parking spots, and crumbling curbs. Commercial concrete work must be constructed per property management as well as state and local code requirements.

Speed bumps, signs, sweeping

So everything’s now done, from paving to striping to sealing. But the project isn’t over until your area is ready for daily use. Finishing services are an essential deliverable to any project. From signs and sweeping to speed bumps, we have the experience to ensure your parking lot is ready for pedestrians and vehicles. These services help to improve safety and proper traffic control as well as an attractive and professional appearance to any paved surface.