Asphalt sealing is essential to maintain your asphalt installation. Potholes and cracks may be unavoidable, but you can effectively prevent further damage to your parking lot or road surface by sealing damaged areas. While it may seem simple enough, finding an experienced company can save you money and aggravation over time.

Seal Coat

To ensure the durability and strength of your asphalt, seal coating is an integral part of asphalt installation and maintenance. A correctly done seal coat should protect the surface from moisture, vehicular impact, oil, grease, and oxidation; which is the leading causes of asphalt damage and deterioration.

The benefits of seal coating are:

  • Stopping moisture from penetrating small cracks.
  • Improving the visibility of markings for safer driving through darker asphalt
  • Improving aesthetics
  • Enhancing the resilience of the asphalt
  • Guarding against heat from the sun, chemical spillage, and oil that may reduce the lifespan of the asphalt

Slurry Seal

Slurry sealing involves the application of slurry seal, a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, aggregate, and industrial additives, to an already installed asphalt surface. The slurry seal helps protect the asphalt pavement against distress, rutting, and cracks while extending the life of your pavement.


Micro surfacing involves modifying a cold-mix paving system with Polymer for maintenance of an asphalt surface. Industry experts credit Micro Surfacing to being one of the most cost-effective maintenance tools in asphalt maintenance.


With over 35 years of experience, we have micro surfaced highways, streets, roads, large industrial lots, and commercial lots. Micro surfacing works to:

  • Seal existing asphalt surface
  • Improve skid resistance especially on hills, ramps, and sharp turns
  • Repair minor pavement rutting and shoving
  • Extend the life of asphalt reducing chances of frequent repairs